About Me


All of my current work is posted on my Cargo Collective site, linked above.

This is my high school portfolio and some of my work from freshman year.  You’re welcome to take a look around if you want, but just I keep this here for nostalgia and to show high schoolers what my portfolio going into CMU looked like.


Statement of Purpose

Intrigued by the challenge that design presents, I find starting the project to be the easiest part.  Whether it is photography, painting, sculpture, or SketchUp, I always enjoy meeting these challenges with a serious focus and a willingness to explore new techniques. Traditional techniques, like drawing and painting, and modern techniques like Photoshop and SketchUp, are some of the versatile skills that I have built up.  I plan to use these skills in my career; I am currently enrolled in the school of Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

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28 July

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