Pittsburgh Bus Stops


This was a group research project I did with Lincoln He and Gihoon Song.  We conducted online surveys and interviews with Pittsburgh Bus Riders in order to redesign Pittsburgh Bus Stops.  This poster explains our design process and our final concept.

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3 March

Reading Stool (4 Board Stool)

For this project I was given a 5′ x 10″ x 2″ rough cut board of poplar wood.  The purpose of this project was not only to gain proficiency with various power tools such as (table saw, jointer, plainer, and drill press), but also to explore plainer geometry.  However, the meat of the project was about how form communicates purpose and how to incorporate themes and intent into form.  Additionally the project was about the fifth element of the stool, the book, and how to make the stool both the book’s home and inviting for someone to sit on and read a book.

The book I picked for this project was “The Great Train Robbery” by Michael Crichton.  That was the jumping off point for me; to figure out what I wanted the stool to look like, and how I wanted the user to interact with the stool.  After going through a few ideas of making the stool look like a train.  I realized I could have the stool resemble themes of the 1850s and not look like a literal train.  The joints, bare screws, and the way boards are offset from one another, is meant to mimic 1850′s metalworking; making the stool look visually purposeful and honest, while retaining a good amount of aesthetic appeal.  I settled fairly quickly on what I wanted the interaction to be, and that helped me to fully flesh out the rest of my stool.  I wanted to book to be located on the stool, so that it look like it was in someones back pocket.  And when you took the book out, it would be like pickpocketing.  Since the book is a very entertaining and thrilling novel, I wanted the seating hight to be very comfortable and really allow the user to sink into the pages.  I had all of these factors in mind, and partially fleshed out, as I was refining my stool in SketchUp, making minor changes.  I then used those dimensions to create draftings and ultimately built the stool out of wood.

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6 November

Salad Tong Project (Flow Forms)

In this project I was given two blocks of Maple wood (12 x 3.5 x 1.25) to create a pair of unique and interesting salad tongs.  The process started with researching what types of salad tongs already exist and what sort of flowing forms do I find interesting.  Pulling from these two resources, I began making orthographic drawings and progressed to blue-foam models.  In the shaping of the salad tongs I was only allowed four 90° cuts, on the band saw.  One for each line of my orthographic drawing.  The rest of the shaping was done with power sanders and by hand sanding.

September 19, 2011

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15 October

Game Project

Working in a group of 3, including Lincoln He and Alanna Fusaro, together we produced this board game. We call it Whispering Pines Campground. In the board game ghosts must try to kill campers while the campers collect firewood in order to drive the ghosts out of their campground.  This was our final project for Semester II Studio.

14 May

Photography of Place

This is one of my better assignments from my freshman photography class.  The assignment was to photograph a certain place.  Using the ambient lighting and camera positions I tried to add a little eeriness to the mood of the photos.

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14 May

Pop-Up Book

Each member of my class was given a 6 inch letter.  I was given the letter U.  Our assignment was to create a single page pop-up with that letter.  And the movement  of the pop-up book needed to reflect certain qualities that we saw in the letter.  In the pop-up I created the U twists and blooms out of the page, reflecting the quality of the letters sound and form. You can see a video of all the pop-up books from my class here, mine comes up at 1:20.

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14 May

Salt and Pepper Shakers

My assignment for this project was to create a set of salt and pepper shakers.  Using only 3 basic forms that either joined, pierced, or cradled one another.  The goal was to make the forms visually interesting by the way the individual shapes interacted with one another.  By paying close attention to the size, position, and the angles of each shape I created a hierarchy within the group.  Creating a dominate, sub-dominate, and subordinate shape.

The process of getting to my final design included many drawing and sketch models.  The drawings were mostly done in pen and marker.  The sketch models were done in blue insulation foam and chipboard.

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14 May

Ferdinand the Fox

Ferdinand the Fox

This was my first project of Second Semester at CMU for Design Studio II.  The assignment was to identify the very basic forms that make up the animal of our choice.  After that, we each created that animal using the knowledge of the shapes we had identified, and found plastic bottles that matched those shapes.  We then wrote short stories and descriptions of our animals.

14 May